The Road Goes On

Back in the early ’80s, I spent a lot of time in Nashville. I had some songs with Charlie Daniels’ publishing company, and I was pitching songs to other people as well. My friend Dave Roth was living in Nashville, and he introduced me to Jim Pittman, a writer from Jackson, Miss. Late one Friday afternoon, we started writing this song. Jim and Dave finished it, and pitched around town, but no one recorded it. I love the vibe and the lyrics, so I took their verses, rewrote the melody a bit, and wrote a chorus. Bob Lotz’s haunting harmonica takes the song to another level. Dave Roth is no longer with us. He was an outstanding talent, and I was lucky to be his friend and to make music with him.

The Road Goes On J. Pittman, D. Roth and R. Lisak

And road goes on,
we’re runnin’ out of water
This desert spell,
It’s like the devil’s daughter
Will it save us from the vengeance
For the wrong we’ve done
Or will it execute a sentence
From a hot and angry sun

riders in the wind
on the run again

Young Jim fell dead
At that shootout back in Waco
Like the wind we fled
Now we gotta make El Paso
Sleepy border town
Water there to drown our thirst
If the posse don’t find us
Or the heat don’t kill us first

riders in the wind,
on the run again
heading for the sun

and the road goes on
And the road goes on

Thinkin’ back to California
Pa’s final words, he said
Boy, I’m gonna warn ya
If you should leave
To make your livin’ with a gun
You got no home, boy
And I got no son