New Born Man

I wrote this song in the early ’70s, and performed it with an acoustic trio, Lipp, Lisak and Patterson. Jim Lipp and Michael Patterson were exceptional singers and musicians, and I wish I had a recording of our version.

I rewrote the lyrics a couple of years ago to reflect the experience I had when my wife was in a serious car accident and almost died. After living through that nightmare, I can imagine how difficult it is to pick up and go on after losing your life partner. This song is sung for those on that journey.

Newborn Man
Rick Lisak

Felt my river runnin’, felt my river dry,
Seen my star rise, then fall from the sky.
Felt lovelight burnin’, then darkness in the night,
As I ran down alleys that were canyons of light.
I fell on my knees. I began to pray. All I had to live for was taken away.

From her dreams, they’ll be no wakin’,
The night will find me shaken, But I will make a stand
To be a newborn man.

Spring is the olive branch in the mouth of Noah’s dove,
As I stand upon my ark, almost wrecked by a flood.
My cards lay on the table, I must put them in my hands,
And do what I am able, and live where I can.
I feel a space growin’, where I can make a stand,
It’s a place where I can put my feet upon the land.

The night will find me shaken,
The day will find me makin’
A newborn stand
To be a newborn man.